Kanz Sante spring bed 60×120


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The Product created on thinking babies’ and children’s orthopedics.

Nature and softness of Bamboo Fibres increase sleeping comfort.

Viscose Jersey Cloth which has high capacity of moisture presents a dry and relax sleep.

Helps to decrease moisture against to sweating and skin rubbing.

Sanitary whereby antibacterial structure.

Hard felt bears Sponge comfort to high degrees prolongs the beds usage term.

Product contains on it ; both hard sponge feed plate which is suitable 0 to 2 years old on one side, and Extra Softy Hyper Sponge which is suitable for 3 to 6 years at the same time.

The sponges used in product has ÖKO – TEX Certificate.

Suitable to baby theme and usage and does not contain            cancerogenic

Product contains HealthGuard apre – antibacterial which provides long term sanitary conditions.

With the side and interior support wedges resistant to deformation.

Heightness is 18 cm

Produced in 60×120 cm sizes.


Bonel Arc Technology

Bamboo Bed

Viscose Jersey Cloth


High Compactness


Extra Air Ciculation

Usable in 4 seasons

Usable bidirectionally

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